spring 2023

Feature film

In development

Produced by

Levitate Film
Veri Media

Written by

Adam Gyngell
Fred Fernandez-Armesto

Directed by

Paula van der Oest

Margaretha Zelle was born in Holland in 1876. She died in a field in France at the age of 41, accused of being a double agent. In the beginning of the 20th Century, as an exotic dancer known by the name Mata Hari, she became the most famous woman in the world, the first celebrity of the modern age. Throughout her life, she was known by different names. She forged her own identities. She became different people: Margaretha, Mata Hari, H21 and prisoner 7214625.

Mata Hari was a modern woman in an ancient world. Free-spirited. Ahead of her time. This feature film tells her story in four chapters, each of them representing a part of her life. It’s told in a fresh and contemporary way and most importantly: not from a male point of view, but through her eyes.

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