aug 2020

Feature film


Produced by

Levitate Film
Silent Bay Productions (UK)
So What Pictures (IT)
Vigilant Entertainment (USA)

Written by

Caroline Goodall

Directed by

Paula van der Oest


Claes Bang
Olga Kurylenko
Brian Cox

Rosalind (Kurylenko) and Will (Bang) live an enviable life in London. She’s a celebrated artist, he is a dependable engineer, willing stepfather to her twin eight-year old daughters. When the difficult birth of their son, Amadeo, rocks Rosalind’s carefully calibrated world, she abruptly disappears with her children and the young nanny, Candy (Shalisha James Davis). Will suspects a link to a recently arrived suitcase from France, filled with faded photographic negatives.

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5 juni 2021

Feature film

The forgotten battle

“Three young people each experience the war from a different perspective, making it obvious that the boundary between right and wrong is by no means always clear, but that you cannot escape in having to make choices.”