TV series

In production

Produced by

Levitate Film

Financed by



Dutch Film Fund Production Incentive


Written by

Roos Ouwehand

Paul Jan Nelissen

Based on the book by

Hans Knoop



From no other country in Western Europe during the years 1940-1945 so many Jews were deported as from the Netherlands. How could this happen? How come the Dutch authorities and even the members of the Jewish Council were so cooperative regarding the deportations, and how did the German occupying forces get the Dutch authorities and the Dutch Jews to be that cooperative?

The 5-part miniseries ‘The Jewish Council’ tries to answer these questions by telling the true story of two people who increasingly find themselves on opposite sides of the matter: the modern young nurse Virrie Cohen and her father David Cohen, professor at the university and chairman of the Jewish Council. Two Jewish Dutch people from one loving family, each trying to do the right thing in a different way, both struggling with the choices they make.

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Dec 2020

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